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official players in the national hockey league locked out consequences passengers getting knocked out for and forced to jump at the way of fast moving oncoming train out it happened in the troubled the operator's face. covered from head to toe the key figure in the end time muslim movie is questioned by federal authorities one hour ago national hockey league officials walked out and locked out its players including the sharks the third major said north american sports to impose a work stoppage. how to split $3.3 billion in revenue between players and team
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owners the teens and parties did not meet today. damage will most likely be canceled san jose now without its most prominent sports team don knapp shows us how live without the sharks could be big trouble for local business. dinner hour warms up at henry's highlife but nothing like when the sharks are planned at h-p pavilion taxicabs and hotels and bars and restaurants a huge moneymaker for san jose having the sharks their tonight that huge moneymaker on hold the sharks are locked out after owners and players failed to reach a contract during this fan says owners and players cannot think about everyone else people up and down the st. and get into the game they lose out that business those are the
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kinds of things these millionaires and billionaires don't think it brings revenue to all the people in the area the sharks are bed that stadium was packed when we go chart 10: 17,000 fans many come downtown early and stay late to visit local restaurants and bars 41 home games and for going the sharks at more during the playoffs it makes all season different you have businesses that staff can search extra for game night downtown association is optimistic but he admits no reason to be training camp opens in a week from today, or we from yesterday we'll between now and then they make a deal and we don't miss any of the season would like to have the preseason games to no signs of progress in
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labor dispute it is bad news for the fans and for the businesses don knapp cbs 5 some people in the south bay near abroad believe it was an accident waiting to happen and 8 year-old son as a boy killed after colliding with a pickup truck after riding his electric bike elissa harrington explains how happen. hugh dien overcome with grief describes his 8 year-old nephew of matthew he was very handsome the third grader died last night hit by a pickup truck while playing on his motorized pocket bike he usually rides in the cul-de-sac that venture down the street into lanes of traffic he was not wearing helmets and collided with a truck colossus' impacted the entire neighborhood. families classmates and strangers left flowers and lit
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candles residents questioned the safety of their street i see kids it wakes people up people should slow down they should watch their kids more they should take them to a parked instead of let them play on the street speed does not appear to be a factor in the crash no indication of drug or alcohol use. so set for 8 year-old to die like that this neighborhood is full of kids the family tells me that on one anyone else to experience the pain they feel they planned as the city council to implement safety measures along the street may be speed bumps elissa harrington cbs 5 no one getting off the train expects to jump out of the path of another one that is what happened at the south san francisco cal train station.
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anne mackovic tells us what has been done to prevent another tragedy 2 star is tall and weighing 1 million lbs., baby bullet train speed by stations between san francisco and san jose and every day last month several people had to jump out of the way and avoid being hit that does scare me it happened in south san francisco passengers getting off a northbound train crossing the southbound traffic to get to parking lot when a baby bullet train came down the track at 76 mi. per hour forcing them to scramble out of the way. not acceptable people jump in front of trains every day but should not be forced to the engineer said the emergency brake but did not stop until a pass through the station caltrans says the engineer tested positive for marijuana both their on paid leave
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the investigation is ongoing and will determine not only what caused the incident but also look at extenuating circumstances like a positive drug test the south san francisco station is one of caltrans oldest and does not have crossing arms to prevent passengers from crossing tracks like other stations still engineers often use their headlights to make sure it is clear but it looks like that did not happen new rules make it mandatory we are so sorry passengers had to clear the tracks quickly that must of been frightening we are relieved there were no injuries it happened august 24th just coming to the media attention now after being disclosed at a board meeting anne mackovic cbs 5 out rage over an american anti muslim thumbs spread to australia today crowds gathered
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outside the u.s. embassy in sydney, local police used pepper spray on protesters one officer was hurt and carried away. some protesters carried signs that praised osama bin laden's. we get a clear picture of what happened to the moments after the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya charlie daggata shows as dozens of americans fled the building many were in the line of fire in a nearby safe house that was supposed to protect them. the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi just the beginning of the terrifying night for americans. officials told us forces evacuate the 32 americans from the consulate as attackers storm the compound the libyan commander said a convoy of 22 vehicles raced from the u.s. consulate down the road to a
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safe house a mile and a half away the safe house they fled to which was supposed to be a secret location had become a target. this is where they were attacking from the u.s. extraction team of commandos arrived to take them to the airport the house came under heavy fire it was intense, a deadly and accurate. everywhere you look on the rooftop evidence of what must of been a ferocious fight damage from automatic weapons rocket- propelled grenades and mortars. the precise strikes on the house suggest those to launch them knew where to and. americans fighting back were hit. our escort this libyan commander gathered to bloodstained american flag jackets to hand over to investigators for evidence. officials said it was clear on the safe house those behind the attack were determined no
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american made it out alive. we ask the deputy interior minister how the attackers knew the location of the state house and he said there are spies everywhere even within his own security forces and he said that was a possibility but added a convoy of vehicles and wood threw been gauzy would not have gone unnoticed charlie daggata cbs news. we have a fleeting glimpse of a man linked to the found that spared so much unrest escorted out of his house near loss angeles this morning to be interviewed by federal officers lee cowan tells us who this man is. after most of the media surrounding his own had left after midnight when nokoola basili nokoola made his break for a squad car covered head to toe a towel around his face authorities say
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he was headed to a meeting with federal probation officers disguised was his choice nobody is arrested nobody is detained nobody in custody. no koula had been under the microscope since the youtube club of the anti islamic found his attorney says the attention on his family is near the breaking point. they keep the family prisoners in their own home if you disperse and within get out we appreciate it when we know more about what we will do will advise you. little is known about no koula, a 55 4year old married father of three convicted of bank fraud in 2010 he used all in credit cards and fake identification is to steal $800,000 from six financial institutions released from prison last year but still under probation with strict rules
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including barred from accessing the internet on his own or with help and using an alias. that is where his connection to the film could get him in trouble if he get up low the movie trailer to youtube under a fake name, both could well be violations of his parole and send him back to prison. law enforcement knows where he is but few others to appear in lee cowan cbs news pope benedict welcomed on his second day in lebanon. in beirut a pope preached a message of peace about the is on a protests and the civil war in syria a population urges lebanese leaders to work as role models for religious tolerance. this is not just for our religion to show the world
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the christian faith is down to just 5% from 20% of a century ago pope benedict presides over an open air mass hundreds of people expected to attend. an alert for san jose state students the incident that prompted the warning. no more sales tax advantage for amazon customers the changes it makes in his business practice to keep its customer base. in the bay area of dense fog out there and things are changing a sunny sunday on cattan
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amazon dot com a haven for california shoppers looking to avoid sales tax but that free ride came to an end today. ben tracy on amazons new business plan. p j gallagher has been on an on-line shopping spree buying stuff i thought i would never buy on amazon about outdoor cushions and barbecue covers i could not believe i could buy polyurethane on amazon. should not make up a heater and a new yoga matt wiry by so much stuff? they'll start charging sales tax just the last couple of months i say to couple hundred dollars in tax that tax break now over
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amazon collects sales tax adding seven-10% to the cost of each order for more than a decade amazon thought the sales tax in states where it had no physical operations but some states some with amazon warehouses' make the retailer attack on the tax in a cash strapped california sales tax expected to bring in $83 million in the year. with the tax fight over amazon builds giant distribution centers in california like this one outside los angeles 1 million square feet and allows amazon to get items to customers quicker. it expects to offer same-day shipping another blow to breck's and mortars businesses like this computer store in pasadena he is relieved amazons tax advantage in, is gone do you think they'll see
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more customers? absolutely that savings will be there ben tracy cbs news oakland police department runs into a staffing problem at its lowest level in more than a decade the city has 631 officers, down from 643 earlier and a high of 8374 years ago. it mandates overtime and consolidates patrols and cuts down on curfew enforcement the chief says numbers will continue to decline until a new academy graduates in january. san jose state won students to watch after an attempted robbery reported on campus. four or five men tried to rob a man on campus at 1:15 a.m. yesterday morning one of the suspects pulled out of pocket knife the victim was not a
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university student and got a white. the university urges students to walk in groups and utilize safety escorts the waterways known as the bay area's filthiest are cleaner coastal cleanup day targeted five spots by save the bay at coyote creek and san jose volunteers filled trash bags baekeland a stretch between dillard road and capitol expressway. the go up and down the creek it was clean then but now gotten messy so i don't like it save the bay and says more than a million plastic bags and up in the water along the shoreline every year. bryan says a change for the bay area fog coming in tonight it is still fairly warm out there in the far east the numbers in the
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'60s and this hour, it is still 63 at concord 68 at livermore san jose 68. we look at the clear bay bridge but fog comes through the golden gate. visibility is down to one half mile. fog along the shoreline tonight local laws grid as tomorrow morning. look for whether to be nice tomorrow sunshine on sunday. if you're heading out tonight be careful especially going over the golden gate. for us will see low clouds around south san francisco and san bruno tomorrow morning and then fog midmorning. future cast bears that out. at sunrise everything pulls
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back. we get west of high clouds. it digs in over the pacific northwest temperature stays mild tomorrow. pretty much the same no dramatic cooling trend. will start the day with partly sunny skies, at the golden gate sun early tomorrow or wait a little bet for the sun to come on for everybody. morning clouds at the airport monday of 567 thunderstorms for chicago and 77. for us tonight forecast a high of 80 degrees for san jose tomorrow. 80 degrees morgan hill, 62 degrees at half moon bay. 89 degrees at fairfield, 89 and walnut creek.
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plenty warm in east bay north bay is nice 80 degrees at santa rosa 64 at the beach. extended forecast temperatures moderate '80s in east bay all week this week '70s around the bay will stay pretty much where are for now. mega millions in place in 42 states and district of columbia [ owner ] i need to expand
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to meet the needs of my growing business. but how am i going to fund it?
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and i have to find a way to manage my cash flow better. [ female announcer ] our wells fargo bankers are here to listen, offer guidance and provide you with options tailored to your business. we've loaned more money to small businesses than any other bank for ten years running. so come talk to us to see how we can help. wells fargo. together we'll go far. duke and duchess of cambridge spotted today in the trees of a malaysian rainforest william and kate in borneo to learn about the plight of danger and orangutans it ever hoisted up so they could speak with the researcher did they stop part of a nine day stop through asia and to commemorate the diamond jubilee of queen elizabeth the go to the solomon islands. california's latest mega
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millionaire came forth to claim his $120 million check ronald wellesz from southern california bought his ticket at a convenience store in riverside the numbers one were the numbers he always plays his birthdays and his girlfriend's birthday and the numbers he played the numbers he wore playing football. were you engaged before this i'm still deciding what i will do a lot deciding to do willis said he will use some money for is kids' college education and invest some he chose the lump- sum payment and only gets $70 million next month. the world's largest blackjack table made its debut in san diego this week guinness visited the casino to certify the world
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record the table measures 60 ft. by 36 ft. and features cards and chips to scale about 10 times the normal size. both the giants and a's on the field tonight, on the farm stand for tries
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the raiders without receiver jacoby ford for the entire season he had surgery. stanford hosts usc here we go, he tied at 14 in the fourth
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josh as a 36 yd on the touchdown. stanford up 21-14 matt markley tries to rally usc a huge sack. the cardinal upset u.s. c 21-14. rough day for cal kicker one of three missed field goals all of them wide left the almost at an upset tied 28-28 in the fourth. cal secondary breaks down. princeton miller to wide open devon smith 72 yd touchdown buckeyes went 35-28. buster posies supplies the offense 22nd home run of the year three-one giants win. at the coliseum a's are thinking division title of a three-to chris carter doubles and runs the a's win 5-22 games behind the rangers in the west.
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actually, turtle's not bad.

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